Stumble and repeat.

It’s not unique to you, I’ll say that right now. It happens to all of us. Even the strongest of CrossFitters, those with the most willpower do succumb to temptation. They do have a cheat meal. They eat a little too much chocolate, or have just a little too much rice on the side. It happens.

Personally, over the past few months, it’s happened to me a little too often. I’ve taken a shinning to sweet potato fries, which are fine, you know, in moderation. And when they’re not fried in Vegetable Oil. But not at the rate I am eating them. And for whatever reason, when I do fall to that temptation, I feel as though I’m starting all over again, at square one. Right back where I was almost a year ago. But is that true? Am I starting all over again?

Geri Larkin doesn’t think so. A practicing Bhuddist Monk, Geri Larkin claims that everything we do, say, think, and eat is spiritual, since we’re all spiritual beings. Now, I’m not trying to suppose or force any sort of religion or philosophy on anyone, but she does have a point. In her book Stumbling Towards Enlightenment, Larkin talks about one’s journey in life (specifically spiritual) and how we all stumble. No one learns to walk the first time they try. Nor do we get our diets and our fitness correct, right off the bat. Rather, we start off with great energy and ambition, and then suddenly we stumble. We fall. And if you’re like me, you feel like you have to go back to the starting line, but you don’t. You get right back up, and you keep moving forward. And Larkin argues that as you continue to press forward, as you continue doing whatever it is you’re doing, you begin to stumble less and less, until one day you realize it’s been weeks, months or years since you’ve last stumbled, since you ate a piece of toast, or that extra chocolate, or the ice cream after dinner. 

It’s a hard concept to accept, I think, because we’re all so damn hard on ourselves. And if you’re like Grace and I, in a committed relationship with a person who is also eating Paleo, you feel like you’ve let them down. I know I do when I’ve stumbled. But I’d venture to say what is more of a letdown is when you let the stumbling defeat you. When you say it’s too hard, and it’ll have to be another week before you can start over again. 

So if you stumble, get right back up and move forward. No need to beat yourself up, unless you’re in the gym;) No need to wait for the next starting date, just get up and keep going.